Feb 122013

Fallen a bit behind my sunday updates, going to try and get back into the rythm, works still being done just some other uni subjects came up with tighter deadlines and they took presedence for a bit.This week I ran through a few more tweaks and learnt some new stuff.

New bits in the level are the first variation of lion statue, I will be aiming for 3 but the other 2 are lower on my importance list as there is one in their place at the moment.

Also added a large jar, there are a few strewn about the level, and the wall directly behind the chair has now been unwrapped and has a first super early pass texture on it, that will need a lot of work, also updated the tarnished copper circle meshes and added concrete to them.

UdkShot15 UdkShot14



Here is the reference sheet used for the head, I think its nearly there, just needs some adjustments when the lighting is nearer final.




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