Feb 282013

Created another couple of assets for the scene, progress this week was slow as Animex rolled into town (www.Animex.net). A week of awesome talks from people working in related fields creating amazing things.

Hopefully get back up to speed, I have made a few tweaks through the scene and updated a lot of the textures, really need to stop touching pieces done and finish the loonngg list of remaining pieces, then check what people notice in the scene as issues and fix accordingly. There is a seam issue on the ornate table at the moment, its on my list to fix. Will go over all the assets again when they are in the scene and lighting has had more work to get them closer to the films look. The ornate table seems mostly too bright and not enough contrast across its surface. The door metal is really letting it down at the moment and some of the scaling is off. I made the door wider to fit into the unreal character scales better but the rest is un intentional.

 Door_28_2 OrnateTable_28_2 UdkShot18 UdkShot19

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