Apr 252013

This week is dedicacted to finishing off all of the assets in the scene, a lot of shortcuts have been taken through re-use of older assets and re modelling and unwrapping to old textures to save time.

I have also used ddo heavily to generate the weathering on the latest Buddha statue sitting in the relaxed pose. This was used to simulate the rusting and weathering created from the ages. I have also implimented Image based reflections in unreal and set the floor to use them for reflections. The floor still needs work but I now have a more accurate base to start with.

There are still a few assets to build including the complex carved posts in the center of the first shot, then next week I will be starting to explore creating the hologram shader for the systems surrounding the chairs and to start creating fly throughs for final hand in. Scary/

Cam_5UdkShot24 UdkShot25

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